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Enter my world

and be happy

I wander around, looking for a glimpse into people's lives. My goal is to be a positive influence, not an annoyance. I remain annoymous, for I just like to observe, that is what I am good at. I wander around, wanting to spread cheer or leave random comments. You are free to delete any posts that I may leave in your journals, and to tell me to not comment again, and I will respect that.

I like to have discussions, and I hope that by leaving comments aimed towards this end are welcome. If they are not, as I said, just tell me to stop, and I shall. My aim is to have discussions that are welcome, I will not force my opinions on deaf ears, or an uninterested audience. Most likely, if I leave you a comment (though as I am writing the bio before really doing much in the way of posting) it is because I respect what you have to say.

I do not judge, I do not critique, I merely wish to understand, to see. I hope that I spread only positive influence where I go.

Found the picture I am using for my icon at this website: http://selinafenech.com/ Just to give credit where credit is due.